I’ve had a couple of the Orbit sprinklers and the Nelson 1865, along with the John Deere model. All work well but only last a season or two before the gears (made of plastic) break or strip or the unit begins to leak a lot. The Orbit I have now leaks at the back where the hose connects and there seems to be no way to service it as the connection was installed at the factory. Despite this, compared to the cost of an underground sprinkling system any of these models are worthwhile, though there are some tips I’ve learned with experience.

Irrigation Equipment

Plastic Lawn Sprinkler Timer

It usually helps to use a timer, even a cheap plastic one that can stop the sprinkler after a couple of hours. Then you move the hose if needed since none of these seem up to dragging over 50-75 feet of hose behind them, they sometimes bog down at that point and the wheels just chew up your lawn in one spot. If your sprinkler is dragging a too much hose it will also wear out the internal gears faster and they’re both a pain and an expense to replace.


It also helps to use a new hose that is as thick as you can find as this helps to keep the unit from jumping off track and following its own course to your fence. A weak or slender hose will result in a lot more of these little excursions. If you need the sprinkler to turn a corner make sure the hose bends at no more than about 40 degrees, a sharper right angle turn usually means the sprinkler will climb over the hose and go astray.

To adjust the sprayer arms for different areas of your lawn, its useful to have have the timer as well so you can change the arm position as needed. For wide area coverage you turn the arms upward, for small areas you turn them downwards, after a few sessions youll have a good idea of where they should be for a gI’ven section of lawn but most lawns arent the same width on all sides of the house.


DO NOT pick up the sprinkler by the grip in the front only, you need to carry the hose as well so its weight isnt supported just by the connector at the back of the sprinkler. This is why mine currently leaks so much not everyone in my household knew this was necessary and too much weight seems to have loosened that hose connection internally.

Water Pressure

Any water pressure loss will make your sprinkler move much more slowly so be sure there are no leaks in the hose or connections. Check the little filter that’s inside the hose connector to be sure it isn’t clogged with dirt or debris from your secondary water line. If you have a timer you can install one at that connection and you’ll get much less debris for your sprinklers filter to contend with.


If your sprayer arms fall or fly off its because they weren’t tightened or inserted correctly push them in as far as they will go and tighten them (with fingers only) as tight as you can. I doubt youll be able to tighten them enough to damage anything but overtightening them may break the plastic assembly that holds them in place.

I’ve had more of the Orbit brand traveling sprinklers but I’ve tried several and they all last about the same amount of time and all seem to have the same problems. Id recommend any of them if you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system and don’t want to spend a lot of time hauling hoses and moving sprinklers. Its also hard to over-water with this sprinkler as you set the speed at which it travels so you’re not only saving time but using less water.

Buying Lawn Irrigation Parts

I purchased this sprinkler simply because it was on sale for . I had been doing research on all the different lawn sprinkler system parts on this lawn sprinkler system video but when I came across the price of it on orbitonline.com, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve had it for a while now and while I cant compare it first hand to the other brands, I can say that it does exactly what it is suppose to do. I was really impressed at how durable it is. It is constructed quite well and beefy. I read through many other reviews on the Orbit and Nelson sprinklers and the problems people were having were the same for both brands. It seems to me human error was to blame for most of the problems. Make sure the arms are on correctly and facing the right direction otherwise the sprinkler will not work, it says that on the exterior packaging of both Nelson and Orbit. I was concerned about the gears stripping out because they are only made of plastic, but the Orbit has a 6 year warranty and from what I read and hear, they are quite good at honoring it. I was actually planning on purchasing a traveling sprinkler for 0 because it had metal gears, but then I decided since Orbit has such a good warranty, I could wind up buying three of these, still have money left over to buy a pack of beer and watch it drI’ve through my yard, and still come out ahead rather than spending 0.

I had this sprinkler for a couple months before I started having a problem. The problem may have been my fault, but its also a potential shortcoming of having a traveling sprinkler. The front wheel jumped off the hose (the ground is uneven in my yard) and the sprinkler ran into a large rock surrounding one of my planter beds. It probably sat there for a couple hours pushing against the rock. As a result, the gears that drI’ve the sprinkler were stripped and it no longer can drI’ve itself forward. If my yard were more flat rather than pitted, this sprinkler would work perfectly. I was very happy with the sprinkler when it was running, but am disappointed that I may not be able to use it in the most uneven parts of my yard.


But, here’s the most amazing thing about Orbit, the company that sells the sprinkler. I called customer service to describe my problem and without any questions they said a new sprinkler would be sent to me in five business days. They didn’t advise that I return it to the retailer. They didn’t try to send me parts to fix it myself. They didn’t question what I may have done wrong. It was just The sprinkler stopped working? here’s a new sprinkler! The six year warranty on this sprinkler and the very generous treatment I received when I had this problem have definitely made me think about other Orbit products I might buy if I ever install an in-ground sprinkler system.

Cover more ground when watering the lawn or garden. Each of this hoses three sprinkler heads has five separately controlled settings, so you can saturate the lawn at one end while giving new plantings a light sprinkle at the other!

More efficient watering! This portable 18 hose has three in-line sprinkler heads that ensure greater water coverage and saturation. Five different spray settings from gentle to robust let you safely water everything from delicate seedlings to sturdy, established lawns and shrubs.


Like a custom sprinkler system for a fraction of the cost. Heads can be adjusted independently. There is 6 of hose between sprinkler heads, but you can even remove one or two links to cover a smaller area. Sprinkler heads are mounted on stakes and stay securely in place during watering.

If you want the most common all around spray pattern you wont get it. The spray is decidedly non-uniform. These are for the square and round hole selections on the head. Actually, if you look at the picture of the product that’s sort of what the spray looks like, water only spraying erratically to the left and right sides.* You may not want to (unlike previous reviewer does) connect two sets together or use quick-connects. These will reduce the water spray noticeably (perhaps with the fine spray patterns it would be OK).* If you want to adjust the uneven spray you will have to pull up the stake and reseat. A few times of this and you hole is too loose for a good seating. So check where the spray pattern hits before seating.


The other 4 head are fine spray settings: three 180 degree and one left/right pattern. These work OK. Again though making adjustments to where the water hits requires re-positioning the stake. These sprinklers work, but I wouldn’t use them for your lawn, unless you have a very small (less than 200 sq foot) area of lawn. I bought two sets, and use them for my garden. The six sprinklers manage to do the job, and make it easier for me to make garden watering a turn on the valve and walk away operation.


* They’re a definite time saver. I used to spend an hour (literary, not exaggerating) to water my garden. Now I just turn on the valve.


* You don”t have to spend a big bucks on an installed system.


* You can put them where you want them, and they will stay.


* There are lots of spray options, so you can control where the water lands, to a certain extent.


* They are made of very durable material. (I was surprised that they weren’t flimsy.




* They use a small diameter hose to connect. That means less water volume. You could get better performance if you changed out the hoses, but that would be expensive, for .00 sprinklers.


* You will most likely still need another garden hose, unless what you want to water is within 6 feet of your faucet.


*If you have a large area to water, you will be moving them often.


*If you use them in your lawn, you will most likely leave holes, the stakes are pretty large to hold them in place.


*They are very visible / high profile. They are definitively not “Out of sight out of mind.”




Residential Sprinkler System Design Thoughts


Overall a good product, and do what they are designed to do: Take water where you need it, even if you don”t have sprinklers installed. They save me so much time, I would definitely buy them again.


I purchased 2 of these, hoping they would take care of my gardening watering problems. Unfortunately, as others suggested, unless you have super duper water pressure, they don”t work. Best case scenario, I can get 2 at a time to work. However, my former .99 sprinkler head covered just as much area, if not more than these two. I cannot recommend them. Wish I could return them.
My major beef about this one is that it’s a little hard to understand how to program. I had to reread the instructions several times and, finally, it worked! It appears to be doing a great job now and I like being able to group some of my sprinklers into the A program and others into the B.


Easy to program bright back lit display features Interactive text: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Remote allows operation of individual or all stations (up to 300) Ideal for adjusting sprinkler heads, repairs or for extra watering.

Built-in wireless receiver for optional rain sensor. Orbit Watermaster Wireless Rain and Freeze Remote Sensor #57071 available as a separate option.

Sprinkler Controller Remote

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a remote on my sprinkler system! Have you ever tried having your kids turn the sprinklers on and off while you adjust the heads? I gave up and do it myself. My family used to sit and laugh at my annual sprinkler adjusting comedy session. Talk about being tired and soaked! Now with this timer I can turn it on/off from the remote. I stay dry and save a ton of walking back and forth. I keep the remote in the kitchen in case I want to add a little watering or cancel the watering because somebody is in the shower etc. I love it! The range on the remote is good. Reaches beyond my 1/3 acre lot. The only problem I have had was when my neighbor bought one of the really cool Orbit touch screen remote timers and we were both actuating each others times! After resetting the timers and syncing the remotes again that problem went away. Awesome timer!

Bought this unit with remote controller to replace a malfunctioning 7 year-old unit that had only 8 stations and no remote feature (different manufacturer). As I was reworking new irrigation on a large residential property, the remote control feature seemed like a good idea. I have had the unit for a few months now and the job is almost done. All in all, I am quite happy with the unit. It saved me a tremendous amount of leg work walking back and forth between the master unit, the irrigation valves, and each irrigation zone. Programming was very intuitive and the range for remote operation was about 120ft with residential structures in the line of sight. Installation of wires into each of the 12 station slots at the bottom of the unit however required some effort as the design does not allow easy sliding of the wires into their positions without a lot of trying blindly to find the small openings. Hence 4 instead of 5 stars. The remote unit cannot be used to reprogram the master, but serves basic on-off functions very well. I really appreciate the ability to add water cycles from within the house.

I am very happy with this timer. I have just set up a new system (never done anything like this before) and testing and clearing all pipes before attaching sprinkler heads is so easy. I was worried about the range of the remote, but it works great for me, and my timer is buried in the basement. The first unit sent to me by amazon had 4 zones which for some reason did not work, and I simply went online and returned it through their website….they sent the new one overnight….and when I received it I replaced the faulty one and sent it back without ever going without a unit in hand! Amazon has got this process down to a science! Even though the first unit had problems, I felt very well taken care of by Amazon. I would recommend to a friend and purchase again here.


The orbit H20 sprinkler w/spike is an excellent sprinkler. For anyone who truly enjoy gardening, this sprinkler is an indispensable tool in watering plants. It is ideal for shrubs, flower beds, and vegetables. The best feature is the mist effect. The manufacturer needs to include a manual on how to set the dials. This would eliminate valuable time being spent on trying to adjust the setting through trial and error which can be frustrating at times. The good news is that once the correct setting has been achieved the sprinkler performs excellently.
Bought 5 of these, daisy chained them together, and ran them in my front yard. After an hour of use, shutting off the water, and starting it up again, it no longer respects the set limits for oscillation. It will spin 360 degrees now, reversing direction at only one of the two tabs. This happens on 3/5 of the sprinklers.


Last night I forgot to turn them off. Left them on all night, and when my wife came out, she said the tops were off of 2 of them, and they were just flooding the yard with water. Pieces of junk, avoid them at all costs.

Lawn Irrigation Valves

This is a great product. I have a matching timer with four ports, which I bought as a kit, with two of these valves. I use it with a hose reel and a soaker hose for a bunch of potted plants in the back yard. It’s such a great convenience to just set the timer and all your plants are watered consistently, no matter how busy you are. And no more problems with coming home to dying plants, after returning from vacation.


One problem with the valves, as another reviewer pointed out, is that much of the hose connection point is made of plastic. If you put stress on the joint by moving it or hanging it off your faucet, it will break over time. That happened to one of mine, as I connect it to a hose reel through a quick connect. After about 8 months, connecting and disconnecting the hose line, the plastic connection points became brittle, cracked, and started dripping.

To solve this, I would recommend that you use a short flexible extension between the valve and your faucet, so that both ends of the valve are flexible, relieving stress on the plastic parts.

The plastic encasing and specially the hose plastic connector breaks easily after being exposed to elements for 3 to 5 months.

Last Thoughts on Residential Lawn Irrigation


This was just what I needed, particularly with the inclusion of the 10 filters. My irrigation system is about 5 years old and all of the filters needed to be either replaced or cleaned. I also replaced some of the heads to get a better angle or distance with the spray. These new adjustable heads were great as replacements. I’ll probably order another set so I can do the same for the remainder of my lawn.
I bought the 3 valve manifold with the inline 1″ valves. I installed them and they leaked immediately. They seemed to be leaking from the top valve lid area as well as the solenoids. I took these valve assemblies off, wrapped all threaded areas with liberal amounts of teflon tape (it says 7-8 times around in the manual) and re-installed them. Still leaked badly. Not a slow drip but rather steady so my box was always damp and full of water and black widows, etc..I will try to replace these with Toro valves as another reviewer had good luck with them.I spent .00 or so for the manifold and 3 valve inline kit at Home Depot-money wasted if you ask me.Do not buy, get something better quality, save money in the long run.


I ordered these valves for a purpose different than intended. I use them for air control for air cannons in a haunted house. They have worked great so far and I will buy more as I need them. The delivery was quick with no problems. I was warned about these valves. The operation is so simple that I could not fathom why they would fail. My initial 8 zone system took 11 valves to cobble 8 valves that would not leak. Three weeks into use, and i decide to check my valve boxes, I am glad I did 2 valves leaking. I have now replaced all 8 valves with Toro and could not be more pleased. Buy good valves, you won’t be sorry. The time, and money I have wasted on crappy Orbit valves is time and money I will never get back.g the system.


Mist system nozzle plugs are also useful to plug off openings when less mist is desired.  Features and Benefits: Great for replacing nozzles on patio misting systems and other water misters Misting system cooling is great for outdoor areas, including pet areas Most mist systems easily attach to any standard garden hose Mist system nozzle plugs are constructed of high quality brass Most mist systems have durable construction that allows for water mist to cool your patio or other area up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit

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